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The object of Elephant’s Trunk is to help Emmet the elephant pack his trunks for vacation. But you must watch out for the sneaky mouse that will try to dump everything out. The first player to pack all of his clothing tokens wins.

To start the game, empty the four trunks, then close and arrange them in a circle in the center of the playing area. Place Emmet in front of any trunk. The number of players will determine how many clothing tokens each player gets. For instance, if there are four players, each player takes six tokens of one type of clothing, either six shorts, six shirts, six caps, or six pairs of socks.

The first player rolls the die. If the die lands on a color, that player opens the trunk that matches the color and puts one of his clothing tokens inside the trunk. If Emmet is standing in front of this trunk, the player can put in two clothing tokens. The player then closes the trunk and passes the die to the next player.

If the die lands on a mouse, the player must open the trunk that Emmet is standing in front of and take all of its tokens. This player now has more tokens to get rid of. (If the trunk is empty, the player is lucky and doesn’t have to take any tokens.) After the player takes his tokens, he closes the trunk and moves Emmet in front of the next trunk. Then it is the next player’s turn.

Elephant’s Trunk comes with 24 clothing tokens, four tin trunks, one Emmet elephant figure, and an oversized die. The game is for two to four players.

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3 thoughts on “Elephant's Trunk from Gamewright

  1. also, I don't understand how I play the game if I only chose two players and therefore – only two colors. say, I chose red and my daughter is yellow. we roll the dice and it shows blue – what's next?

  2. so if the elephant is in front of the red trunk – the red player gets a chance to put two tokens at the same time. but also has to get rid of tokens if he gets sneaky Mouse , am I right? I just got this game and I'm confused.

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