Don't do this in BALI, INDONESIA 🇮🇩

Check below to see more explained details. Traveling to Bali ? Here are some tips about What not to do in Bali, There are 9 things not to do in Bali, to avoid ruining your stay. Some related to death and this is serious matter while traveling to Bali Indonesia.

This Bali Travel Guide on what not todo serves as a guide for especially first timer visiting Bali. This Bali guide on what not to do also suggests Bali rules, law in Bali. It includes our top 9 things not to do based on our travel to Bali during September – November month period.

We love Bali for more than just being an affordable travel destination in Southeast Asia, which is perfect for us as budget traveling couple. There is also so much rich culture to experience and good vibe here in Bali, Indonesia

We hope you enjoy Bali, Indonesia as much as we did. We had a blast for our 2 months stay in Ubud, Canggu and hopping all around in Bali. Gili T and Nusa Lembongan is amazing, we highly recommend you to visit while staying in Bali, Indonesia. Make sure you download the Bali Checklist !

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47 thoughts on “Don't do this in BALI, INDONESIA 🇮🇩

  1. ▶︎ HOW TO TRAVEL BALI : Read our ultimate travel blog here :
    ▶︎ GET TO KNOW US BETTER : How we met, How we afford to travel full-time –

  2. Absolutely the Island of the Gods! I have enjoyed every holiday in Bali. Beautiful place and wonderful people. Common sense and respect is the key to visiting any country.

  3. avoid the touristy = college goers, they just go because the "alcohol" is cheap. Follow the locals, and learn a bit their balinese language too. You will be more respected.

    Why do people go to Bali only?? Highly educated people go to other areas.

  4. Amazing video, very informative. I don't know when this Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted. I do need a vacation so bad.

  5. Y'all visiting Bali & places in Indonesia – KNOW that Indonesia has been killing the real indigenous people of West Papua – a slow genocide of the Natives who are the real authentic owners of West Papua !!! Stop patronizing Indonesia til they stop murdering West Papuans !

  6. And drugs don't even try to use or bought it or else there is gonna be consequence or even death sentence not just in bali but in every indonesian region

  7. I used to call millenials
    – ' the facebook generation '
    – actually,
    It should be
    – ' the gofundmylife generation '

    = you pay – we play.

    Phuc wits.

  8. Remember to wear the helmet riding the motorcycle. We got a ticket coz the the driver (not the passenger) was not wearing a helmet. It was a hassle. We ended up giving the police coffee money, they kept our passport until money was exchanged (can’t remember the amount).

    So wear a helmet – both driver and passenger. No ifs or buts.

  9. Do you know what BALI means.
    Well BALI was a character from Hindu epic Ramayana.
    It's really a spritual place.
    Want to visit there for sure.
    Lots of love from INDIA.💝💝💝🇮🇳🇮🇩

  10. if they are heavy against weed smoking then they can fuck off, there are plenty of other countries that are special where there is no problem smoking a joint……..i vote with my wallet.

  11. Hi,my name is reynard and im from indonesia,jakarta hopefully the next time you guys go to indonesia,you will have a better trip

  12. Bali has death penalty for "drugs", but they push alcohol that can make people go blind. Buy local, LOL!

  13. what about weed? can it be found there? (just for some smoke during my vacation) or is that death too? 😀 haha

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