Do the Urkel! – 10 Minute Power Hour

It’s time to do the Urkel! yep. hahahahaha ha
What should we do next?! Tell us what you want to see down in the comments!

Music from Stevia Sphere

Dir/shot/edited by Tucker ►

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42 thoughts on “Do the Urkel! – 10 Minute Power Hour

  1. I'm just waiting for the cancel culture people to find this video and try and cancel the grumps for wearing those stupid glasses and call it "blackface" like they called Jenna Marbles wearing too much spray tan blackface

  2. I'm having a really hard time binging these episodes. I'm not used to laughing this hard for so long, so it feels like it's literally taking a toll on me.

  3. making the glasses blank was an excellent move, but I think you should have just left it at the very first one and had people confused and questioning their sanity

  4. two things
    1.] whoever made the glasses blink/wink needs to get eaten
    2.] arin looks a lot more greasy in this episode than usual

  5. I said this in the comments of a compilation of 10mph episodes, but arin with the urkel glasses on looks like shitty johhny depp.

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