Dead Silence: The History of Mary Shaw | Horror History

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Why did the ghost ventriloquist Mary Shaw keep Edward Ashen and his son Jamie alive for a time span of over 70 years? Watch this video to find out!

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NOW WHO’S THE DUMMY? Beware the stare of Mary Shaw. She had no children, only dolls. And if you see her in your dreams. Be sure to never ever scream.

The town of Ravens Fair has a long, dark history that is all tied into the curse placed on it by Mary Shaw. But how far back does the malice of the vengeful puppeteer go?

In this video I’ll be pulling together every shred of evidence in the 2007 James Wan film Dead Silence to try and analyse the entire life of Mary Shaw. Mary’s history of bad blood with the town and the Ashen family stretches back over a century, and I’ll be covering everything from her birth in the 1800s to the life changing altercation at the Guignol Theater on Lost Lake, to her eventual death and afterlife hunting down the families of those who tried to silence her.

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0:00 Intro
1:31 The Birth of Mary Shaw
3:04 Michael Ashen at the Guignol Theater
4:49 Afterlife of Mary Shaw
8:09 Revenge on the Ashen Family

–About Horror History–
Horror History is a series that analyses specific characters, monsters, places or events in the fictional worlds of your favorite horror franchises.

–Dead Silence–
After his wife meets a grisly end, Jamie Ashen (Ryan Kwanten) returns to their creepy hometown of Ravens Fair to unravel the mystery of her murder. Once there, he discovers the legend of Mary Shaw (Judith Roberts), a murdered ventriloquist whose eerie presence still looms over the town. As he desperately digs for answers, Jamie encounters the curse that took his wife’s life and threatens his own. Directed by James Wan and starring Ryan Kwanten, Donnie Wahlberg, Michael Fairman, Bob Gunton, Dmitry Chepovetsky. After receiving a weird package with the doll named Billy, Jamie’s wife is murdered and he believe’s Mary Shaw and Billy are behind it.

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30 thoughts on “Dead Silence: The History of Mary Shaw | Horror History

  1. Always loved this movie, though I gotta say killers getting a second (unstoppable) chance at life kinda bugs me. There's literally no way to end her, and that always rubbed me the wrong way.

  2. The first time I watched this move I caught on way too quick n predicted over two thirds of it. Was not what I was expecting but. I have watched multi times

  3. Does Mary distinguish between a scream and a yell? Also, does swearing in the place of a scream negate her ability to take your tongue?

  4. So did she take the tongue out of her victims before turning them into dolls, or was it just her tongue that was removed?

  5. Underutilized or not. I remember a episode of the goosebumps series with a ventriloquist doll.. still haunts me till this day 😂😰

  6. I remember seeing this one day when I was young on TV at 3 am I only ever caught the end. A while back I found this ole fever dream of a movie and it became one of my favorite.

  7. If only that boy kept his mouth shut then everyone wouldn’t die Oh and moral of the story when you see a old person doing a ventriloquist act don’t yell that her lips are moving

  8. what's up with child murders not understanding how revenge works lol… you dont get to have revenge on someone who got revenge on you for doing something that you did..

  9. So a ventriloquist version of Freddy Krueger? As in a child killing pos who is angry at getting what was coming to her.

  10. I really thought Mary when she was alive was possessed. During her stage show it seems like she is loosing control of Billy. A real struggle, not something for the audience.

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