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Crash Test Dummy #1 in beamng drive. Subscribe here :
Mods :
Driver, Passengers and Loads :
Stig without a vehicle –
Ultimate Configuration Pack –
Fait One –
Hirochi Prasu –
Bitron B2 –
American Paintjobs –
Civetta Bolide ‘Corse’ :
The Offroad Barstow –

Maps :
Cliff Roads –
Avius Isle –
Altitude –
Garfield Heights –
Mammoth Valley –
Nevada Interstate –
Music by Epidemic Sound
Remember always to wear your seat belt and drive carefully.

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44 thoughts on “Crash Test Dummy #1 – BeamNG DRIVE | SmashChan

  1. My first ragdolls video and I hope you like it. If so, share it with your friends, comment/Subscribe.
    I'll see all on Sunday :))

  2. In the first one as far as i know,one crash dummy died,or probaly,is still alive,he flew out of the window

  3. And that kids is why you should ask your parents to protest your school transportation department for seatbelts.

  4. At 0:20 a guy on the left jumped out of the bus
    Stig dummy on the left: I just wanted a normal field trip

  5. 0:02 -Driver: we are going on a trip to heaven

    Kid:falls sleep

    Other kids: ????????!!?!?!! HELP!!!!!!!!


    Kid: flies out the window

  6. Lmfao omg the first seconds of the bus video I was giggling at the dummy head bobs knowing they were moments from death

  7. When you see some guys talking to ur wife 2:52

    3:43 guys in blue car: moving because the set thair neighbors house on fire but crashed because the were going to fast. Neighbor in red car:… Found you😈

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