BTS DATING GAME #6 Valentine's Day ❤💌💏

Hello Guys 💕 Welcome on this BTS Valentin’s Day Dating Games !

And if you spend Valentine’s Day with BTS ❣

Who will send you flowers? Who will invite you on a date? Who would be the one who would say “I love you”? 💖💞💝

You’re ready to play ?

I hope you enjoy the video! please let me know in comment if you want another video. 💜

But Before … Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone 💕❣💟

Here are the rules :
1 – There are 11 categories, and 7 choices
2 – Choose a Photo from each category
3 – Takes notes of the number showed on each Photo
4 – And Wait for the results at the very end

⚠ Each Video and Music used are detailed at the end of the video

Resources For Pictures:
-Google Images

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Thanks so much for watching! I really hope you like it!


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27 thoughts on “BTS DATING GAME #6 Valentine's Day ❤💌💏

  1. In he send his first message : jungkook and in he admirer jungkook suga first date : tae hyung he is waiting front of your house seok jin rm and he become your first boyfriend : hoseok he watch romantic movies : jungkook jimin I got all result in bts dating game velatines day cause e bias kookmin

  2. 1.he texts me first jimin 2.Hes waiting for me in front of my house was jin. crush is jimin secret admirer is V 5.Sends me flowers suga 6.Watches romantic movie with me jimin 7.Gives me chocolates Jungkook 8. I have a date with V. 9.He tells me he loves me was jin.10. kisses me Jin. 11.suga Becomes my bf :).

  3. Sends me a messege:Jungkook
    waiting for me:Jungkook
    My crush:Jungkook
    My secret admirer:Yoongi
    Sends me flowers:Jungkook
    Watches romantic movies w/ me:Seokjin
    Give me chocolates:Yoongi
    Date w/:Jungkook
    Tells me he loves me:Jungkook
    kisses me:Seokjin
    Becomes my boyfriend:Jungkook

  4. My bias is jungkook and taehyung I want to marry bts jungkook and Kim taehyung bts jungkook can kiss me in rose petals and candle bed room

  5. first to send me a message: jimin
    waiting for me: namjoon
    crush: jimin
    secret admirer: hoseok
    sends me flower: taehyung
    watch a romantic movie with me: jungkook
    give me chocolates: hoseok
    date: hoseok
    tells me i love you: taehyung
    kisses me: namjoon
    becomes my boyfriend: yoongi

  6. 1: Yoongi 😊 (bias wrecker)
    2: Yoongi 😊
    3: Taehyung 😆 (bias)
    4: Taehyung 😏
    5: Yoongi😁
    6: Yoongi😁
    7: Hoseok😮
    8: Jungkook😄
    9: Yoongi 😆
    10: Yoongi😆
    11: Jungkook 😕 ( wasn't expecting that but,still I'm happy😊)

  7. First Message: Jungkook (Well hello there maknae)
    Waits for me: Jungkook
    Crush: Hoseok (Oop-)
    Secret Admirer: Jungkook (No crap..)
    Flowers: Yoongi
    Romantic Movie: Jimin (Wait what?)
    Chocolate: Jungkook
    Date with: Namjoon (When did you get here Mr. EG?)
    "I love you" from: Jungkook (Ily too!)
    Boyfriend: Yoongi (Ummm…. what about jUNGKOOK?)

  8. Sends me a text: Taehyung
    Waits for me by my house: Namjoon
    My crush: Jungkook
    My secret admirer: Jimin
    Sends me flowers: Jimin
    Watches romantic move with me: Jungkook
    Gives me chocolates: Taehyung
    Go on a date: Jungkook
    Tells me he loves me: Namjoon
    Kisses me: Namjoon
    Becomes my boyfriend: Taehyung

  9. The first to send you a message:Jimin
    Waiting in front of your home:Jungkook
    Your Crush:Jimin
    Your secret admirer:Hobi
    Sends flowers:Yoongi
    Watch a romance movie together:Yoongi
    Gives you chocolate:Hobi
    Date with:Jimin
    Says I love you:Jimin
    Kisses you:Jimin
    Becomes your boyfriend:Jungkook

  10. sends me a message → yoongi (😱)
    waits for me in front of my door → yoongi
    crush → jungkook (😂)
    secret admirer → taehyung
    sends me flowers → jimin
    watch a romantic movie with → hoseok
    gives me chocolates → seokjin
    have a date with → jungkook
    tells me i love you → namjoon
    kisses me → seokjin
    becomes my boyfriend → jungkook (aaaahhh i hesitated with my bias' picture 😭)

  11. 1} Jungkook 🐰
    2} Jungkook 🐰
    3} Namjoon 🐨
    4} Jimin 🐶
    5} Hoseok 🦄
    6} Hoseok 🦄
    7} Seokjin 🐑
    8} Taehyung ♥️
    9} Jimin 🐶
    10} Jimin 🐶
    11} Jungkook 🐰

  12. Send me a message : 1Jungkook
    Waiting for me : 6- Namjoon
    My Crush : 2- Jimin
    Secreat admirer : 3-Jungkook
    Sent me flowers :2-Jin
    Romantic movie :4-Jungkook
    Give me chocolate : 3-Jungkook
    Date :1- V
    Tels me he love me : 4- Namjoon
    Kisses me : 2- Namjoon
    Becomes my Boyfriend :4-Jungkook

    Aahhhh…Jungkook Ooooppppaaaa is my everthing……ToT i love him sssooo much ……

  13. First to send me a message:Jungkook
    Waits for me outside my house:Yoongi
    Secret admirer:Taehyung
    Gives me flowers:Hoseok
    Watch romantic movie:Yoongi
    Gives me chocolate:Taehyung
    Tells i love you:Namjoon
    Kisses me:Taehyung

  14. first to send message ⇾ jungkook
    waits out front ⇾ taehyung
    crush ⇾ jimin
    secret admirer ⇾ jungkook
    sends flowers ⇾ jungkook
    romantic movies ⇾ jungkook
    gives chocolates ⇾ jin
    date ⇾ taehyung
    ‘i love you’ ⇾ jimin
    kiss ⇾ jimin
    boyfriend ⇾ jimin

  15. Send me a massage : Namjoon
    Waiting for you : Jin
    Crush : Hooseok
    Secret admirer : Jungkook
    Send me flower : Namjoon
    Watch romantic movie : Jhope
    Give chocolate : Jhope
    Date : Taehyung
    Tells you I LOVE YOU : Jin
    Kiss me : Jin
    Boyfriend : Jin

  16. My bias is Namjoon , and my bias wrecker is Jin btw, and my thrird one is V (What a good voice)
    first send me message : Namjoon (Thank you , luv u)
    Waiting me in front of my house : Kook (amm Stalker?)
    My crush : V (Hmmmm… good to know!)
    Secret admire: Jin (My my, Jin)
    Send me flower : Jungkook (Hmm…. Thx but nah)
    Watch romantic moie with : Tae (Okay not bad ,not bad)
    Give me chocolate : Jin (Oh gosh i love you , and love chocolate, chocolate is life!)💗
    Date with : V (Oki doki let's go!)
    Tells me he, love me: Jin ( Awww )
    Kissed me : Kookie( idk how , but just …… What will the others say ?)
    Become my boyfriend at the end of the day : Namjoon (😄 what a Come back )

  17. He is the first to send me a message – Kookiee ❤
    Infront of my house – Jiminiebabo ❤
    My crush – Jiminiebabo ❤
    Secret admirer – Hobii ❤
    Sends me flowers – Namjoonie ❤
    Watch a romantic movie together – Kookiee ❤
    Gives me chocolates – Kookieee ❤
    Have a date – Taehyungiee ❤
    He tells me he loves me – Hobii ❤
    Kisses me – Hobii ❤
    Became my boyfriend – Yoongiee ❤

  18. First to send me a message – Tae
    Waiting for me outside my house – Namjoon
    My crush – Jimin
    My secret admirer – Tae
    Sends me flowers – Namjoon
    Watches a romantic movie with me – Seokjin
    Gives me chocolates – Seokjin
    Date – Tae
    Tells me he loves me – Jimin
    Kisses me – Namjoon
    Becomes my boyfriend – Seokjin

  19. In every dating game in the category “your crush” its always Jimin. Damn Jimin is not my bias but wooowwww how??

  20. Yoongi kissed me and than became my boyfriend
    Even Jungkook took me out on a date watched a romantic movie with me and confessed his feeling I just don't get it

  21. first to send you a message: Suga
    waiting for you in front of your house: Jimin
    crush: Taehyung
    secret admirer: J Hope
    sends you flowers: RM
    watch romantic movie with: Taehyung
    gives chocolates: Taehyung
    date: Taehyung
    tells you “ily”: RM
    kisses you: Jin
    after this day becomes your boyfriend: RM

    Everyone except Jungkook ;(

  22. Sends me message first- NAMJOON( I love hummingbirds and then I realized in the result section there was a flamingo too…I DO NOT REGRET IT(sarcastic))
    Waiting in front of my house- NAMJOON( such a sweet guy…. I'd rather wait in front of his house😄)
    Crush- JHOPE( YUP…. he is indeed my first crush….it was before I knew about Taehyung oppa…. This little ball of sunshine can cause Heart burns BEWARE😂💘)
    Secret admirer- JIN( Eomma admires me…. Such a good child😇)
    Gives me flowers- YOONGI(…That made my day…. I'm gonna treasure them until I die..😭)
    Watches a romantic movie with- JIMIN( I LOVE TITANIC😍 AND MOCHI😍)
    Gives me chocolate- JHOPE( nope
    …not gonna eat it…..**brother stole my chocolate without me knowing**😰….. Bro… Ur in DANGER😂)
    Confession- NAMJOOM( OMG… Bless u Namjoon)
    Kiss- JIN( Eomma admires me that's why she kisses me😳😍)
    Boyfriend- JIMIN(……
    RIP MY SANITY😂😂😂) I guess it's Mochi for life…😍😘💜
    Oh no….. I didn't get Kookie
    Oh well, it's not for real anyways😞😔

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