Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office Web Apps: Excel, PowerPoint & Word

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, online and for free by using an web apps acccount. You’ll learn how to gain access to online versions of these great tools, how to switch between them, and some of the basics of using them. ***Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon***:
See below for recommendations on presenter remotes to use with PowerPoint:

Logitech Spotlight (Best of the best):
Logitech R800 (This is the one I use now. Excellent but a bit pricey.):
Logitech R400 (Cheaper version but still great):
***Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon***:


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20 thoughts on “Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office Web Apps: Excel, PowerPoint & Word

  1. Can you help me please? In my laptop i have excel PowerPoint and word but without any year. Please clear this for me that why my office's applications are without any year like 2013 2007 or 2019

  2. Dear, you made my day once more! Excellent tutorial (once more). This learning is extremely helpful for all of us when we are outside of our confort zone and want to use Office tools from a PC that has not installed the respective apps. Keep it up! Thanks again

  3. Excellent video. I was just thinking about these apps and saw your upload. A more in-depth video of the apps would be appreciated. Thank you

  4. I purchased Microsoft 365, how can I get this type of tutorial for my paid version. I’m 57 year old college student and have no idea how to navigate 365 or what the words, drop tabs, or what words offered actually preform. Thank you

  5. What's the advantages of Microsoft office web apps?and if I have downloaded the apps I why should I use the online version can you explain that please?

  6. Hi
    I really want to understand the difference between a regular M Word & Office365 word?
    I am okay using M Word, how is this special

  7. Thank you for this very informative and teachable video. I didn't know I had all these same tools that I use on my hard drive available to me online! This is great! Yes, I would like to learn more about each app/tool individually with a focus on all they offer. I am sharing your youtube channel with my teaching staff. They will greatly appreciate your pace and clear steps! Be well.

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