Đây là bài thuyết trình về mẹ bằng tiếng Anh từ trái tim mình gửi đến mẹ nhân ngày 8/3.
Transcript Tiếng Anh cho bạn nào cần:
Hello everyone!
Welcome back to my video.
Today ‘s a great day.
It’s only 3 days left to International Woman’s day.
I would like to make this video to share with you some things about my mother.
You know, In my life, There are several family members, Who have made unmatched contributions to help me go ahead.
But, among them, my mother’s impact is the most meaningful.
She is the person whom I love the most in this word.
I consider her as a perfect mother with her honesty, bravery, resourcefulness, and sacrifice.
Together with my father, she brought me into this word to share her life.
From my childhood, She has raised me with her great care, affection, and mentorship.
She has taught me moral lessons about the word, people and values
She has spent almost her life to taking care of her family.
She has made a lot of sacrifices and many difficult choices.
You know, She is a workaholic. She never stops working. I have learned by watching her that, If I want to achieve things, I must work hard and do the best.
I always follow this rule in life, especially when I enroll in university.
Due to this quality, I could be a self-made girl like today.
Whenever I confront difficulties, She always stands by me and encourages me not to give up.
As a mother, I could say she has done everything possible to raise me and my brother. She has spent almost her life for taking care of our demands and catering for our interests, While she went through much hardship.
Her immense love and great sacrifice give me an incentive to work and study harder.
Today, through this video, I want to tell my mother that: “Hey mom, I love you so much. I will try my best to make you proud of me.
Thank you for your kindly listening, Have a nice day!
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