Atari 2600 Exclusive Target Loot Box Review | GenX Atari Sucker!

During GenX there was an Atari sucker born every minute, and Jon was one of ’em. When this exclusive Atari 2500 loot box went on sale at his local target, he couldn’t pass it up. Have a look inside to see if the unsurprising contents of this crate measure up to its new lower price.

#genxgrownup #atari

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21 thoughts on “Atari 2600 Exclusive Target Loot Box Review | GenX Atari Sucker!

  1. the Atari 2600 loot box now on amazon for about $7.00 sorry but i still don't feel it's worth that and i'm 60 and my favorite was Defender and Pac Man.

  2. $10 at most. Everything in there looks like stuff they would give away at a convention. It just needs plastic pens and post it notes. Second thought I would not pay anything for it.

  3. I wouldn’t pay 10 cents for those stickers and pins, what are you going to do with them?

    Atari is great at making boxes and taking money.

  4. I still have my 2600 put away. Once every so often I pull it out and play. How far they have come in power and graphics but I still have the love for my Atari 2600

  5. Hi
    Love your videos keep up the great work I also bought this at Target for $20 I agree with you at $40 not a great value but 20 it's a steal Love the pins and the boxes the bag not so much keychain and bottle opener are cool Like you had an Atari 2600 growing up and still have it to this day and still play it Also have an Atari 400 looking to get the Atari 7800 did just pick up an Colecovision PlayStation 1 and an intellavision I just love the retro stuff Any way keep up the great job

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