Americoin Junkyard Arcade Crane Game

This is a video of a restored 1976/7 Americoin Junkyard Arcade Crane Game. The cabinet has been repainted to original colors (Old Caterpillar yellow) and re-stenciled. The front door art has been reproduced to original condition. This is a challenging yet fun game for all ages. There is much to practice if you want to be good at this game. You must have superior coordination to maneuver the crane up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards in the goal of depositing ‘junk’ cars in the hopper for points (tons). Timely hits into a hopper that is lit will stop the clock for a chance at higher scoring. Enjoy the video!


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18 thoughts on “Americoin Junkyard Arcade Crane Game

  1. Dude I know it’s been 8 years since you posted this, but seeing this game again, part of the mechanical arcades games, that I loved as a young child, and seeing someone actually do good, is so freaking epic! Thanks a million!!!

  2. My friend has one of these that he is restoring.  Where did you find the artwork to reproduce the front door art?  His is badly faded.

  3. I was in a little consignment shop, & I found about a dozen toy cars, of the type that are in that game.  Only $.10 each 🙂

  4. I remember playing this game w/my father @ an arcade, when I was a young kid back in the late 1970's. I was in a little consignment shop last week & they had some vintage 1970's Lesney toy cars & some of the same cars inside this game. At $00.10 each….I couldn't resist grabbing a few handfuls. =D

  5. OMG OMG OMG!!! I've been trying to find this game for over 30 years!!! I remember playing it as a young child, but I forgot the name. This video really brings back some memories!!! Thanks so much for posting this!!!!!

  6. @Blambo1979 Thought I would let you know…after six months, Mike has decided to sell the Junkyard. It is currently on eBay… This reply wont allow the link but just search Junkyard Arcade Crane Game, his seller name is wizbest

  7. @Blambo1979 Thought I would let you know…after six months, Mike has decided to sell the Junkyard. It is currently on eBay…

  8. @Blambo1979

    The machine was not mine but a friend's. Not sure if he would like to sell it but can ask. I have only ever seen one other machine in our local area but it was really really beat up. Where are you located? I am in the Los Angeles area. Shipping would be pricey since this game weighs a considerable amount.

  9. Hey Tom. We run a scrap metal yard and have been trying to find one of these machines. Is yours for sale or do you know where to source these machines? Thank you!

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