A Look At The Future Of Indoor Workouts – VR Exercise Bike (VZFit)

Let’s follow up on our last VR workout video. Today, we show you what the future of indoor workouts could look like with a VR exercise bike by VirZoom. We review the VZFit!
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So… three weeks ago, we made a video about why we think working-out in Virtual Reality is game-changing. This video was received well, so thank you for that! If you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it here:

00:01 – Intro VR Exercise Bike
01:24 – What is VZFit?
03:12 – VZFit Play Gameplay
08:09 – VZFit Explore Gameplay
10:51 – My final thoughts

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We got a VZFit system for free from VirZoom, this video is not paid. Per our guidelines, no review direction was received from them. Our opinions are our own.

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VR on!
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38 thoughts on “A Look At The Future Of Indoor Workouts – VR Exercise Bike (VZFit)

  1. I just tried the explorer app (main reason why I got this) and the experience was cool but there is distortion with the scenery while you are biking. Enjoying the scenery is a major part of biking and I wish they could improve that. Maybe even contacting Google for help.

  2. Very helpful video. One question though. Does the VZFIT Explorer (Google Maps) game require any steering? This "game" really appeals to me. I'm asking because I've tried the VZFIT Play games, like the tanks, horses, etc and I get instant vertigo because the only way to navigate or steer is by head moving and tilting. I just can't do it. I have the prior version by Virzoom which came with a bike as well, and integrated controllers on the handle bars. Very good build quality…but there's that steering dilemma I mentioned.

  3. I own vr Oculus and I can honestly say if you work out in them, you can end up fogging up the lenses throughyourbodymovement, that's a pain then you have to stop & clean your lenses. No thanks

  4. No from me.

    Far too sweaty. I'll stick to Zwift.

    Also, with that cadence censor it has zero means of determining your effort which makes the whole thing even more pointless.

  5. Thanks for checking this out! I've almost bought it several times, but I kept holding back because I felt like I needed more info still. So thanks again

  6. Iv'e had my VZfit for a couple of months now. Everything was working fine until I connected the "oculus cable link" to my PC. My HMD updated my headset from version_12 to version_14. In version_14 there is an experimental menu / Bluetooth settings tab. The bottom line is that you might have to go into your smartphone ( my is Android) settings and change your security / permissions from personal to "all". Love your channel. Thumbs up Dave

  7. I want see you use Yaw VR Chair Simulator I have one coming in this summer that a long way

  8. I got mine year ago showed people how set it up it fun work out in VR on VirZoom very fun worth the Price

  9. I want you to know that i comment you on your can you learn to play to piano with virtual reality video about what type of my music preference that i love and prefer i don't know if you seen that comment or not i what to know what did you think? and i also want to say that i also think that virtual reality workout of the future i knew this way going to be the future of vr because companies did say they also when this is be the future of vr which i think it's smart idea just imagine that nintendo made real true mario kart vrthat would be fun and sega made sonic vr since sonic the hedgehog is my favorite character that i'm a huge fan of i do see myself running like sonic but if i get very tired i can take a break from vr exercise and just imagine your other favorite vr games on vr and just imagine my favorite games in vr my favorite game that i love on nintendo 64 was wave race 64 i wish that they bring that back and i would also love to see wave race vr happen so badly because that's my favorite game from my childhood i think that would be perfect for vr as well i also want to see metroid vr and star fox vr to happen too in the future

  10. Finally got my first VR headset (The Quest) yesterday and I'm already in love! This type of thing was one of the main reasons I wanted one! I'm so excited for future possibilities! <3

  11. lately I've just been dancing till I drop in vrchat
    simple, but surprisingly has been my favorite way to exercise

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