25ft Long Tape Worm | House M.D.

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A CIPA patient is unable to feel anything which is why doctors are able to open her stomach only to find a 25ft long tapeworm inside of her.

Season 3 Episode 14 “Insensitive”
A girl (Mika Boorem) with CIPA, a rare condition in which the sufferer cannot feel pain, gets in a car accident. Once her testing is done, she begins developing high fevers with multiple seizures and is rapidly deteriorating.

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32 thoughts on “25ft Long Tape Worm | House M.D.

  1. I personally think everyone no matter their health condition should take a dewormer at least twice in their life. You never know what you can pick up in your travels in life.

  2. Her stomach was cut open while she's awake and yet so relaxed. + saw a 25ft long tape worm and she acts so fine wow

  3. 60 feet , as in 20 meters ?? They must’ve found it out of a yeti or something … wait they found a yeti ????

  4. Guys this can’t happen in real life right ok am going to calm down yea it’s just a show right ok I am going to get my meds

  5. Her :* yell*
    Me on mind : oof imagine if that's Real-
    Doctor: relax she's faking
    Me: ohh… Ohhh… OHHH
    Doctor : where not gonna fall for that
    Me: y-yeah! gIrl don't fake NU-Uh

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