11 Streamer flies – swimming under water

We are going down under the surface in rivers and lakes, to watch a bunch of streamer flies from the fish’s perspective. This underwater footage is filmed over a period of several years in different environments from fast flowing clearwater spring creeks, over slow flowing rivers to lakes of different clarity.

Most of the flies in this film are also featured in tying sbs films on my YouTube channel. You can find them on these links:
Bacon Snack:
Gartside’s Soft Hackle Streamer:
Chartreuse Zonker:
Egg Sucking Bunny Leech:
Orange Rubber Legged Bunny:
Chartreuse Sneaker:
Lefty’s Deceiver:
Fuzzy Bugger:

Read much more on streamer flies on my blog: and find a blog on Streamer flies under the surface – the real test on Ahrex Hooks blog right here…

The camera gear I use for making my videos (affiliate links)

My DSLR Camera
Nikon D7100 camera

My Lenses
Nikon AF telezoom Nikkor 70-300

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-70

Sigma Macro 105 1:2,8D

Sigma Macro 50mm

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 16-85 mm 1:3,5-5,6

My all weather/underwater camera
Olympus Tough TG-5

Tripods and stuff
Manfrotto Tripod

Gorilla Tripod

STSEETOP Sun Shade Screen Protector

Bags and backpacks
Pelican Protector Case 1600

Photo Bag

National Geographic Africa Camera Backpack, Brown (NG A5290)

Microphones and recorders
Røde Link Filmmaker Kit

Zoom H1

Microphone Furry Windshield


DJI Mavic Air

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33 thoughts on “11 Streamer flies – swimming under water

  1. am I the only one that didn't get audio with this video?
    Guessing it has to do with the music everyone is mentioning

  2. Watching the action of flies like this makes you a better a better tier and fisherman. One day last summer i hooked a fish on a droppered nymph . As it neared the net i caught sight of my point fly, a natural mink wrap. As the trout moved in the water the mink wrap pulsed and wriggled with each movement. Blew me away. I am inspired now to sit by my vice and experiment. Thank you

  3. To be honest I dont think all the little details make all that much difference. I mainly fish for trout and smallmouth bass and they normally smack streamers within seconds of them entering the water. Finding the general size and color and depth they are at on any given day is what really matters. A wooly bugger or zonker (simple ties) work better than any of these fancy articulated flies and cast much easier. Just my experience of course.

  4. You know you’re a fly geek when you get totally excited by electric guitar and underwater streamers! Haha! I loved it. My favorite is the Garthside. I wonder what the fishes favorite is??

  5. Thanks Michael – excellent video! You are absolutely correct – how the fly looks in the vice is totally different than how it looks when being presented to the fish where they hunt. I tank-test all new patterns to confirm that they swim/fish right and have the correct profile before they earn a place in my fly boxes. Before chucking a fly way out yonder I spend a bit of time playing with the flies in shallow water to see what retrieves/speeds work best, how fast it sinks, etc. when the fly is attached to the leader. Surprises me that very few people do this. Cheers and tight lines! Hank

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