10 BEST FLYING Games That Make You Feel Like a Pilot

Flying is a thing of beauty. Whether it’s in an airplane, a helicopter or something else entirely. This list breaks down 10 of the best flying games that have ever existed that make you actually feel like a pilot!

If you’re looking to take to the skies then you need look no further than this list to find some of the best flying simulator games out there… well maybe look at the comments as we’re sure people will be talking about the games they like that didn’t make the list!

Is there a particular game we missed you think should be on the list? Then put it in the comments yourself!



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32 thoughts on “10 BEST FLYING Games That Make You Feel Like a Pilot

  1. I am mew to flight games. What essy inexpensive xbox game would allow me to fly a biplane and offering occasional aerial dogfights?

  2. 1:40 Wow they made a game about the illegal and unauthorized bombing of Yugoslavia… And you play the bad guys…. Awesome…

  3. Did u know game like this?, but we are as cargo flight, we can use bike and. And car..
    I search for a long time but a can't find it..

  4. i played flight simulator 2002 when I went to an airforce base for a field trip a long time ago in school. I got to step inside a C5 Galaxy too!

  5. Dcs is the best, also lock on flaming cliffs 3 its like the same thing but you get all the clasic planes from lock on 2 i dont thing you have the ability to swtich things in the cockpit tho

  6. Great list, thanks +FragHero. There's one you definitely MUST ADD to this list. SKY KNIGHTS, you can find it on steam. Best Top Gun Arcade Moba ever!

  7. DCS is not just the A10C (which is a single aircraft module).

    The sim itself is FREE and includes the SU25T (Russian/Soviet equivalent to the A10) and an unarmed P51.

    There are about 30 aircraft and helos you can buy, including the A4 Skyhawk mod which happens to be…also FREE.

    Of the sims in the video, imho DCS has the best graphics, best cockpit with fully switchable controls (mouse click, VR, or keyboard commands).

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